levItatIon I + II

4 November – 2 December 2017
A two part intervention by Sean Griffiths

Part 1: 8 September – 2 December 2017 | Part II: 4 November – 2 December 2017


Levitations I + II is the last in a series of 4 site-specific installations and performances commissioned by HOP Projects CT20 entitled ‘Surface Tensions’, to mark the launch of its new project space in Folkestone.

Levitations I+II comprises two architecturally scaled painting projects by Sean Griffiths. The works comprise a permanent work on the front façade of the building in Tontine Street, complemented by a temporary work painted onto the internal walls of the ground floor gallery. Reflecting the artist’s interest in the relationships between the realities of three-dimensional time and space and the problem of its two-dimensional representation, the paintings use different types of mathematical projection to create levitating representations of objects, that oscillate between stasis and movement and between coherence and discontinuity.


Levitation I presents an idealised cubic form projected in Euclidean geometry which interacts with the “imperfect” geometries present in the existing façade.

Levitation II uses anamorphic projection techniques to create a series of apparently random shapes and coloured forms which, when viewed from specific positions within the gallery and from the street, coalesce into coherent geometrical forms as the viewer moves past and around them.

The works are part the artist’s ongoing interest in the effects that levitating arrangements of three-dimensional objects and two-dimensional representations of objects have on our perceptions of space.

'LInes as HabItatIon, LInes of occupatIon'

Artist's talk
27 October 2017, 6-7pm
Customs House, Folkestone Harbour Arm