An ActIve Ghost

Curated by Theresa Kneppers
Part of HOP Projects CT20 2019 Curatorial Residency Programme

Exhibition opens: June 1-7th 2019
Opening & Talk: Friday 31 May 2019

Hop Project CT20, Folkestone

For HPCT20 2019’s Curatorial Residency Programme, Theresa will present new photographs by the artist, David Christian, for an exhibition called, An Active Ghost. This project takes inspiration from the history of Folkestone as a former shipping port, ferry terminal, and trade centre; and considers its current and past roles as a portal to Europe and beyond. 

The exhibition will focus on the contemporary and Victorian infrastructure: including now disused train tracks, bridges, train station; along with the modern infrastructure for the Eurotunnel including its terminal; and the roadways, and overpasses which lead to and from it. Looking at this infrastructure, both past and present, as historical markers on the landscape we will utilise a constellation of narratives to consider the social, transport, trade and shifting uses of these aspects of the man-made industrial landmarks in the landscape. We will work with the writer and researcher, Edwina Attlee, to produce written pieces that consider these aspects of the built history of Folkestone. This written work will be shown alongside a series of large-format photographs.

The show will be a document of the traces of the area’s transport infrastructure. The intention is to propose that although some of these structures no longer serve the functionality they were originally created for, this does not mean they are defunct but that their meaning and usage has shifted, and has been adapted to serve the community differently. My goal for the project is to highlight the connection between a site’s past and present; perhaps altering the way a viewer sees, considers and relates to the landscape, which is especially relevant at this moment when we are reconsidering and renegotiating our relationship with Europe and the wider world.