VenIce Agendas 2019 The Market: What Is The Value of Art?

Exhibition Opening: December

VENICE AGENDAS 2019 THE MARKET: What is the Value of Art? examines the financial mechanism that powers the art world. How do people in the arts make a living? How does the art market impact on the territory and environment that artists, institutions, curators and writers have to navigate to create, present and discuss original contemporary artwork? Who are the beneficiaries and who are the losers?

Venice Agendas have commissioned twenty-five artists and writers and six groups and collectives to respond to some of these questions. A publication, discussions and further events are planned between now and the end of December 2019.

The project began in May during the press days of the Venice Biennale, and continues in the UK with a series of discussions, events and artist commissions until December 2019. We are delighted to work alongside other contributors Islington Mill Art Academy, Salford. LUVA, Bethnal Green, London. Invigilators Research Network, London, Artemotion, Bristol, and MAD FOR REAL, International.