Surface TensIons

SURFACE TENSIONS is a dynamic series of site-specific installations, discussions and performance that challenges our experience and understanding of the ‘sense of place’

LevItatIon I + II 02.09 – 02.12.17

Part 1: 02.Sep - 02.Dec 2017 | Part 2: 04.Nov - 02.Dec 2017 | Griffiths’ art is an exploration of the relationship between space and its representations, and investigates the differences in perception between them. The proposed installation of Hop Projects will be a further investigation of these themes using a combination of three dimensional and two dimensional elements in 2 parts.

At the dawn of yet another age of absurdIty: composItIon no.2 | JAŠA | 02-08.10.17

02 - 08 Oct 2017 | HOP Projects Space | Jaša is creating a site-specific intervention & performance, a proposition for new situations. His work bends temporality into something more palpable, by seducing the viewer into a self-reflexive state of viewership, creating communal experiential artworks that invite spectators to enter into his 'Architecture of Action’.


05 Oct 2017 | 7pm | Custom's House, Folkestone Harbour Arm | A wall can be a barrier or a blank piece of paper, to express or to act out, either can be meaningful or hurtful. A gesture can provoke or inspire a reaction. We all co-create, where we stand and dance.

The Raft 02-30.09.17

02 - 30 Sept 2017 | Opening Reception: 08 Sept 2017 | 6-9pm | with The Weather Forecast | THE RAFT is a site-specific installation by Andrew Holmes, of four large format unframed black and white photographic prints of the sea.

The weather forecast 08.09.17

08 Sept 2017 | 6-9pm | HOP Projects Space | The Weather Forecast is a new lengthy improvised soundscape combining the familiar, comforting, homey, armchair bound sounds of the radio 4 announcer with the frightening, sampled, natural sounds of waves from opposite sides of the planet; storms from Sweden, hurricanes from Mexico, gales from New Zealand overlaid with a kind of music derived from the urgent Morse code signals to indicate distress for those in peril on the sea.

CrosswIse 16.06 – 26.08.17

16.Jun - 26.Aug.2017 | Leo Todd & Nina Shen-Poblete | HOP Projects & Residencies | CROSSWISE is an Experiment, an exhibition that explores the idea of a dual residency, where the practitioners set out to explore, understand and become set and ready to take one others work and develop these on to something else.