prescIent Pool 2019

Pavement Pounders / AmalIa Pascal / Joff Insole / Jacob Bray /Joel Snowman

April - September 2019

Launch Event:
Saturday 06 April 2019
5 - 7pm
Urban Room, One the Plaza, Folkestone

From April to September 2019, HOP Projects CT20 is presenting Prescient Pool (PP) – a collaborative public-engaging project with monthly events & 3 new ART COMMISSIONS based on the research & archive of local stories published under Transitions by Pavement Pounders. The wealth of vernacular, symbolic stories contributed by people in Folkestone will be presented to a broader audience, making this tradition available to new generations with fresh, accessible & dynamic art-based events that are inclusive & relevant.

Prescient Pool Launch will also kick off the Research Residency of the Chilean artist, Amalia Pascal, with a week of walks, workshops and exhibitions in Folkestone (see below for details). Get involved and to be part of the process of contemporary art in the making!

April Events:

06.04.19 (5-7pm, Urban Room) Prescient Pool Launch – With Amalia Pascal, Joff Insole, Jacob Bray, Pavement Pounders & guests. An evening of readings, screenings and artists in conversation with the public.

07.04.19 (10am-1pm, from St Eanswythe’s Churchyard) #1 Folkestone Trail – a psycho-geographic walking and mapping workshop with artist AMALIA PASCAL. The workshop aims to reflect and re-signify the inhabited place through the act of walk, wonder and create collectively. Starting from St Eanswythe’s church, the artist will lead a tour for the public around Folkestone, with stopping points for discussion and the creation of experiential maps through a series of performative instructions.

10.04.19 (5-7pm, HOP Projects Space) Ask Folkestone Workshop with Amalia Pascal

12.04.19 (6:30 – 9pm, HOP Projects Space) Exhibition: Experiential Mapping: Creation & Dialogue in Movement by Amalia Pascal

13.04.19 (11am – 3pm, HOP Projects Space) Exhibition continues

27.04.19 (5-7pm, secret venue) Transitions Readings #2

Events are updated monthly, WATCH THIS SPACE or sign up to receive our monthly newsletter!

MAY: Transition Readings & Walks in the Downs with Dr Maryanne Grant-Traylen & David Lay

JUNE: Amalia Pascal

JULY: Joff Insole

AUGUST: Film Screening



is a set of four journals edited and produced by Pavement Pounders, a forum for ideas celebrating crossings whether universal, local, real or imaginary, using Folkestone as a geographical as well as metaphorical ‘edge’ place of departures and arrivals, losses and gains, transience and orientation, separations and unions.

Transitions 1 tied in with Folkestone’s 2011 Triennial, A Million Miles from Home used themes of Ships and Arks, Crossings and Descents, Exiles and Epiphanies to explore rites of passage, migrations and personal transformations. By looking back to themes of descent, for instance in Greek mythology, we looked forward to the myths of which we are part.

Transitions 2 took transformations as its theme along with the ‘liminal’ and the ‘fountain’.

Transitions 3 part-funded by Mental Fight Club addressed the themes of ascent, recovery, transformation and re-integration

Transitions 4 part of Pavement Pounders Between the Storms project, funded by HLF, looked at Folkestone’s heritage as a port through Crossings, the Arts, the Land and the Sea.

Dr. Maryanne Grant-Traylen and David Lay (Pavement Pounders)

have extensive experience in publishing, managing and developing arts heritage projects since 2010. They have built strong and wide local connections, a high quality archive of vernacular history through their oral history project, as well as the publication of ‘Transitions’ which contains 4 volumes of local writings, with contributions by Jyll Bradley, Paul Harris, Amina Menia, Gabriel Lester, Gillian white, Marjetica Potrc and Ooze architects amongst many others.

For Prescient Pool 19 they will be making the archive available to the three artists commissioned and guide them through their research period. In addition, they will also hold public talks, guided walks and collaborate with HPCT20 in selecting work for film screenings as part of the PP arts programme.


Amalia Pascal

is an artist that specialises in the management of cultural projects that connect different communities and cultural organisations in relation to artistic mediation, art, and heritage. Reactivating social dynamics using art, dialogue as creative tool through collaborative propositions. Encouraging experience and creating safe places where art practice and communities can co-develop, reflect and signify the inhabited place with project processes based on local traditions and collaboration.


Joff Insole

is a British outsider artist now local to Folkestone. Whose work perspective feeds from a raw visual reality, this would perhaps be his first significant commission which will be based upon the themes now published by PP, materializing our collaborative structures through his unique and elaborate fantasy world compositions, rendering Folkestone’s heritage as ‘symbolic’. From a personal to a universal and allegorical representation that is accessible outside the boundaries of official culture and to a wide ranging audience.


Jacob Bray

is a young up and coming contemporary dance theatre creator and choreographer. Through elements of dance, theatre, comedy and speech, his work involves female empowerment, nightlife, club culture and equality.  Working collaboratively allows him not to be held by restrictions of style or genre. He  completed an MA in Performance Dance at the University of Chichester in 2015 and premiered his  first work ‘Head over Heels’ in London 2016. Most recently worked  ‘Skalbiniai’ premiered at Žalgiris Amphitheatre, Kaunas, Lithuania 2018 in partnership with Kaunas Biennial and Magic Carpets, part of the Creative Europe Platform which includes Eva International (ireland),Ideas Emergentes (portugal), LatitudoS.r.l (Italy), META cultural Foundation (Romania),New Theatre Institute of Latvia, KUNSTrePUBLIK (germany) amongst others.


Prescient Pool is for you and its future content is to be shaped by you.

If you have a story, a song, a photography or anything that you would like to share with us, we would love to hear from you! To find out how you can get involved and contribute towards the project, please write to us: