PrescIent Pool - June

Amalia Pascal
Experiential mapping: creation and dialogue in movement

Exhibition opening: Friday 21 June 2019 | 6-9pm | HOP Projects Space

Sat 22 - Sun 23 June | 11am - 5pm
Friday 28 June 6 - 9 pm (part of Last Fridays Folkestone), Sat 29 - Sun 30 June | 11am - 5pm


HOP Projects Space, 73 Tontine Str, Folkestone, CT20 1JR


Saturday 15th June 2019 | 10AM – 12:30 PM | Psychogeographic walk with Amalia Pascal |FREE

More information and how to sign up here

The Exhibition, Experiential mapping: creation and dialogue in movement is a  social practice art residency at HOP Projects CT20 delivered by the Chilean artist Amalia Pascal. Her work reflects on cultural exchanges and the way they shape local interactions and contexts. It is driven by the context of diverse participants through collaboration, developing learning platforms by the means of maps, walks and installations. Her work at the Hop Project was developed over three weeks focused on Folkestone and its communities. The residency aimed to cultivate an experience and place for listening and learning, where art practice and the community can co-develop through the concept of psychogeography. This describes the effect of a geographical location on the emotions and behaviours of individuals.

Amalia has been working with a number of local communities, listening and gathering memories and knowledge about Folkestone through workshops and a mobile museum. This exhibition brings together participants’ creations as an archive of objects, audios, images and psycho-geographic maps. The exhibition explores the importance of subjectivities and personal memories in the way we experience the city. In this way, it foregrounds what is normally invisible: a group dynamic, a change of energy.  The exhibition questions the possibility of integrating art in the lives of people. It proposes to understand art not as a product but as a creative language for the collective and a powerful reflective tool.

This art residency and art exhibition is part of Prescient Pool, a collaborative public-engaging project with monthly events & 3 new ART COMMISSIONS based on the research & archive of local stories published under Transitions by Pavement Pounders.

Mobile in Motion

The Chilean artist Amalia Pascal has created a mobile museum as part of her residency at Hop Project. This is a device that travels around Folkestone collecting and sharing memories.  In this way, the mobile museum became a mediation device allowing the pedestrian to get involved with the archives/artworks displayed and create their own. The archives displayed are part of a number of workshops done with local communities about listening and gathering memories and knowledge about Folkestone.

This methodology subverts the logic of the museum through the construction of an artefact outside the understanding of the white and static cube. This mobile museum is intended to make art a living, playful and reflective experience.

If you see Amalia going around the city with this museum, get involved! This is a participatory artefact and needs your memories and stories to be activated.

Amalia Pascal:

is an artist that specialises in the management of cultural projects that connect different communities and cultural organisations in relation to artistic mediation, art, and heritage. Reactivating social dynamics using art, dialogue as creative tool through collaborative propositions. Encouraging experience and creating safe places where art practice and communities can co-develop, reflect and signify the inhabited place with project processes based on local traditions and collaboration.