PrescIent Pool - August

Folkestone, Living on the Edge of Existence

Painting Installation by Joff Insole

Opening: Friday 30 August 2019 (Part of Last Fridays Folkestone)
73 Tontine Street, 5-9pm

Joff Insole is a British outsider artist now local to Folkestone. Born in Dover 1968, his visual perspectives and language feed from the raw reality of the everyday from which we have gradually become desensitised. He composes a unique, elaborate and recognisable alternative world that renders Folkestone’s heritage as symbolic – a contra-cultural force that confronts established cultural hierarchies, and allows us to recognise and value the subtleties and richness of the communities around us.

Insole’s work is characterised by an original view of the world that is both questioning and transcendental. His subject matter makes use of unexpected perspectives – looking down his own window in the middle of the night or across and around his immediate quarter  – bound by figures and colour abstractions. Insole offers a vision of his surroundings as part of an idealised world, not separate from nature and reality. By combining intimate gestures of the mind with rebel views of Folkestone and the world, Insole maps an intuitive connective edging between us all.

Comprised of acrylic and pencil drawings and paintings on board Insole has taken himself and his immediate surroundings as subject, as well as more expansive themes of nature, fantasy and language his work continues to propose landscapes and characters within this imaginary world. It is this subject matter, which Insole returned to again in this new commission gives his work much contemporary resonance

Hop Project CT20, Folkestone