PrescIent Pool - September


Performance by Shades of Bray

Friday 27th September 2019 

Performance 1:  7:30 pm

Performance 2: 8:30 pm

The final month of Prescient Pool sees the commissioning of independent dance theatre company Shades of Bray, founded by the Folkestone choreographer Jacob Bray. Enlisting contemporary dancer Jemma Wead, the production titled Bullet is a collaborative and process led exercise – the movements created through the making process intend to be reconstructed in a fresh interpretation at the intimate performance this coming Friday 27th September. Bullet connects, listens and grows. The experiences shared are lasting, the gestures transcend beyond fleeting moment. Shades of Bray shares a peephole into the world of the Folkestone duo, with emphasis on results of discovered movements and processes of collaboration.

  “When people ask ‘what is it about?’ I never know what to say. I guess what you will get is a brushstroke of feeling, a sort-of comment on what’s going on through our eyes.”

The realisation of Bullet takes shape as an intimate performance encompassing overlays of cinematic shots made by local filmmaker Joel Snowman. The immersive experience will be held in an unsuspecting domestic environment, there is limited space available and sign up is essential. Contact to confirm the discrete address.

Jacob Bray

Jacob Bray started dancing at Brockhill Park Performing Arts College as part of the curriculum aged eleven. After dancing with Instep and two A-levels in dance and performance he went on to study a BA (hons) in Dance followed by an MA in Performance Dance at The University of Chichester. Wining upon graduation a place as choreographer on The GradLab scheme at The Point.

Jemma Wead

Jemma Wead became a student of dance at the age of 5, progressing from ballet and tap onto contemporary forms with institutions such as Instep Dance and Brockhill Park Performing Arts, before undertaking a Bachelors in Dance at the University of Chichester. As a Postgraduate Jemma progressed onto YPDA, mentoring youths at the established dance school and has since collaborated with Shades of Bray on multiple projects.