Surface TensIons 2020

Introducing our most ambitious and radical programme to date.

We are thrilled to announce Surface Tensions (ST20): our most ambitious and radical programme to date, with female-led moving image and site-specific installations from March to November. Proud to be part of Folkestone’s Triennial 2020 Fringe events, ST20 will present seven new art commissions, show-casing, and taking on tour, work by over a dozen emerging artists.  

ST20 presents art that is deeply immersed in the traumas, struggles and violence of our time, from the perspectives of those on the margins, subverting established powers and narratives in a collective act of creative resistance, and questioning our relationships to Western identity and nationalism. 


ST20 presents:

Sharon Daniel 

Hio Lam Lei


Stefan Brüggemann

Bobbi Cameron

Ned Pooler

IO History, Arts & Disability

Other participating artists are: Jing Xie, Renèe Helèna Browne and Jaša.


ST20 Part I: ‘Alt-Truths, More than Fiction’ – Expanded Cinema: Experimentation & Activism (April – June)  brings together female artists working in the expanded field of moving image, and in particular, in the realm of documentary film-making. The artists have been selected deliberately for the diversity in their practices, i.e. through interactive documentary, mockumentary, sculpture, installation and performance, so and so forth  to address issues such as post-colonialism, identity, racism, relationships to western nationalism, the environment, body & health. They hybridity of the media expands HPCT20’s research interest in immersive installations through new media, how they create new modes of social interactivity and new ways of experiencing art, especially at the time of enforced isolation during the COVID19 pandemic, which makes this body of work even more relevant and urgent. 


ST20 Part II: ‘Contra-culture’  (May – December 2020) commissions 4 new pieces of sites-specific installations by bringing together international artists: Stefan Bruggëmann, Ned Pooler, Bobbi Cameron and Jaša. 

Emerging from the plight of involuntary isolation, ‘Contra Culture’ constructs a locus of instability and finds fortitude in the perpetual struggle between the inner and outer worlds, navigating the darker recesses of the human psyche against the bifurcating psychosis that permeates the global brain. 

‘Contra Culture’ goes against the grain and defies the reactionary logic that exploits uncertainty and anxiety. When art is turning digital, it celebrates physical and material expressions as counterintuitive forms of resistance:

It provokes through surrender and resignation; 

It touches and connects by closing in and retreating into silence;

It reaps the cacophony of rage by creating voids;

It uses humour, absurdity and sensuality to forgo indifference and apathy; 

It breaks out of the architecture of ‘order’ and ‘normality’ to find alternative paths of bewilderment and internal disorientation.

We will be announcing each artists’ work in the next few weeks & months…


The project is supported by ACE (Arts Council England) & RDHCT (Roger De Haan Charitable Trust).
The project would not have been realised without the initiation and generosity from David Hevey (ShapeArts) and Sebastien Montabonel.