BobbI Cameron

Surface Tensions Part II: ‘Contra Culture’

Site-Specific Installation 

Saturday 31 October – Thursday 5 November 2020

11am – 1pm, 4 – 6pm (or by appointment)

73 Tontine Street, Folkestone, CT20 1JR

Exhibition Preview:

Friday 30 October 6 – 8pm (Part of Folkestone Last Fridays)

‘We pulled over at the side of a narrow road at the top of a steep hill that we’d been driving up for almost an hour. 

“Look at that”, you said.

“Who wouldn’t want to look at that every day”

Cars were squeezing around the back of your van, angry drivers flailing their arms at you as they passed but you kept my gaze, unfazed. You wanted me to take this place in, I think. 

Something about this place moved you but there was an edge to your voice, some emotion or nervousness that I couldn’t quite place. 

Ireland lay as a soft suggestion in the distance, a stretch of water spread out in front of us meeting the shores of Arran at the other side. The highest peaks of the island were covered in snow, sharp edges jutting out against the horizon. 

This place is where you are most alive for me now, that energy that I couldn’t quite place still exists here, maybe even you still exist here.

I am drawn to this idea of being able to encounter a place with you and, perhaps, also others not of

this world.’


[Extract from a piece written by Bobbi Cameron]


‘NINE’ is a new body of work by Bobbi Cameron commissioned by HOP Projects CT20 as part of Surface Tensions 2020 Part II programme, ‘Contra Culture’. It is a 6-channel sound installation that draws upon the artist’s autobiography and contemporary queer discourses to navigate realms beyond the human. 

Stemming from an ongoing research practice that explores queer phenomenology, (dis)orientation and their combined effects on architecture and landscape, Cameron embarked upon a journey encountering and sharing conversations with psychics and mediums to explore how communal disorientation can be experienced with spiritual beings. It was her intention to access this from a theoretical perspective, exploring how it feels to be connected with spirits and how these connections can alter our perceptions of space, place and architecture. 

However, through the process of making this work, Cameron was invited to step inside this realm to personally collaborate with spirits, ghosts and entities. ‘NINE’ is an outcome of this process, it explores the personal impacts of opening up your space to spirits, how it impacts those of us physically living and how it can change, not just our interpretations of landscape, but ourselves entirely. 

Bobbi Cameron is an artist based in Glasgow. Originally from a performance background, she now works predominantly across sound, text, and movingimage.  

Cameron is interested in how acts of queering can be used to dismantle and disrupt communal perspectives of space, place and (both constructed and bodily) architectures. Cameron works with giving documented and memorialised bodies agency within the gallery and seeks to experiment with how we encounter and perceive spaces. She is particularly interested in different perspectives of ghosting, blending the lines between documentary and liveness. 

Bobbi Cameron graduated from the MFA programme at Glasgow School of Art in 2019. Selected exhibitions and performances include: keep that blood sugar up, honey, Radiophrenia, CCA, Glasgow (2018); CONCH, Buzzcut Festival, Glasgow (2017); PRIVATES, Festival of Death, Summerhall, Edinburgh and Girl Gaze Festival, Platform, Glasgow; PLEASURE MACHINE, Sexology Festival, The Arches, Glasgow and Wellcome Collection, London (all 2016). She has taken part in residencies at Scottish Sculpture Workshop, National Theatre of Scotland, //BUZZCUT// and Live Art Bistro, Leeds.



Still image by Nina Shen-Poblete, installation documentation

Surface Tensions 2020 presents art that is deeply immersed in the traumas, struggles and violence of our times, from the perspectives of the margins, in a collective act of creative resistance. 

ST20 Part II: ‘Contra Culture’ (May – December 2020) commissions 4 new pieces of sites-specific installations by bringing together a motley crew of high calibre international artists: Stefan Bruggëmann, Ned Pooler, Bobbi Cameron and Jaša. 

Emerging from the plight of involuntary isolation, ‘Contra Culture’ constructs a locus of instability and finds fortitude in the perpetual struggle between the inner and outer worlds, navigating the darker recesses of the human psyche against the bifurcating psychosis that permeates the global brain. 

’Contra Culture’ goes against the grain and defies the reactionary logic that exploits uncertainty and anxiety. When art is turning digital, it celebrates physical and material expressions as counterintuitive forms of resistance: it provokes through surrender and resignation; it touches and connects by closing in and retreating into silence; it reaps the cacophony of rage by creating voids; it uses humour, absurdity and sensuality to forgo indifference and apathy; it breaks out of the architecture of ‘order’ and ‘normality’ to find alternative paths of bewilderment and internal disorientation.

‘NINE’ is an audio-based experiential installation and we invite you to immerse yourself whilst observing social distancing guidelines: please ensure a max of 3 people are inside the gallery at one time, and please wear a mask. If you would like to visit the installation outside those times and dates, please email us or DM us on our Instagram.

Accessibility: please follow the link below for information on gallery access. All printed materials will be available in Large Print, and please don’t hesitate to ask if you would like information in alternative formats.

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