2020, Scotland

Surface Tensions Part 3: ‘Art Under Lockdown’ for INTERNATIONAL WOMENS’ MONTH!

Launched with POW! Fringe Festival (14 March – 3 May 2021)

Premiere: Sunday 28 March 2021 – 11am

Available online until 03 May 2021 – 11pm

A re-creation of Bobbi Cameron’s sound installation for an immersive headphone experience

This audio is an edited version made for the POW! Fringe Festival 2021 created by Bobbi Cameron

Film: Nina Shen-Poblete

Sound: Bobbi Cameron

Have you ever wondered what it’d be like to be in a room filled with ghosts and spirits?

In an unusual time where escapism has perhaps become a more pertinent aspect of people’s everyday lives than ever before, the dynamic, spatial soundscape of ‘NINE’ explores the realms that exist beyond established norms through a queer perspective. 

Re-created by the artist for an immersive headphone experience condensing over 33 tracks, ‘NINE’ is a unique listening journey that transports the entire body to a different space through the ears. 

“For me queerness is not just about my sexuality but also about how I position myself in the world politically, and witchcraft practices fall into that. They are both looking at ‘other’ ways against ‘norms’, and the fundamental basis to both of them is how we exist in the world, how we navigate the world that is other through non-normative behaviour.” – Bobbi Cameron


Part of the artist’s ongoing research into queermethodology and disorientation, ‘NINE’ projects feelings of loss, unexplored realities and altered perceptions across a vast, immersive sonic space, examining the ways in which we navigate the world, and questioning how new, potentially healing, landscapes may be explored.

My mum was there consistently. There were also my grandparents who died when I was quite young. I don’t remember them that well so I was quite surprised how ‘there’ they were, sometimes they were the first people who came through. What was interestIng was the consistency of who my people are… those who were around… so the work had to come to be about them as they were so present in the process of making it.” – Bobbi Cameron


Find a quiet space, put on your headphones, close your eyes and experience the world of ‘NINE’. 

Click below to download a large text transcript of the work.

Surface TensIons Part 3: ‘Art Under Lockdown’ for INTERNATIoNAL WoMENS’ MoNTH!

Launched with POW! Fringe Festival (7 March – 3 May 2021)

Championing equality, diversity and creativity of women and girls, alongside POW! (Power of Women) Fringe Festival, we will be screening new works  by 3 female artists working in the expanded field of moving image: Hijack and Bobbi Cameron. Negotiating the lockdown restrictions in their respective hometowns in China and Scotland, Hijack and Cameron turned these unusual circumstances into a set of introspections. Through the feminist epistemological lens, they present experiences that shift between autobiography, documentary and fiction, the complex emotions of hope and powerlessness, longing and belonging, as well as the overwhelming sense of aloneness and the need to connect. Powerful, emotional, humane and humours, they freely juxtapose narratives, myths, archival materials, and personal testimonies as a collective act of resistance to explore the unstable nature of perceived realities and cultural identities of those in the margins.

From 7 – 28 March 2021, 4 pieces of moving image works will be premiered weekly online via our CT20 Youtube Channel. The works will remain available until 3 May 2021.


Premiere Sequence:

Sunday 7 March 2021, 11am: 白日摸瞎 Shooting in the Dark’, Hijack [May 2020, China]

Sunday 14 March 2021, 11am: 扳沙 Bend the Earth’, Hijack [May 2020, China]

Sunday 21 March 2021, 11am: 伤口撒盐 Salt the Wound’, Hijack [May 2020, China]

Sunday 28 March 2021, 11am: Nine’, Bobbi Cameron [May 2020, Scotland]

Surface Tensions 2020 (ST20) is a programme of new art commissions presenting art deeply immersed in the traumas, struggles and violence of our time, from the perspective of those in the margins in a collective act of creative resistance. Between March – December 2020 and during the COVID19 pandemic, over 7 pieces of new work were produced, from female-led moving images to site-specific installations exploring experiences that confront cultural, juridical, racial, gendered, class and physical barriers, placed in relation to Western identity and nationalism. Surface Tensions Part 3 is our touring programme taking this powerful body of work to new audiences.

In Conversation: Bobbi CameronST20: Nine