Lake LazarIllo 2021

Originally conceived as a radical series of live-art commissions for the public realm and public-led talks connecting ground-breaking international artists with local communities, and despite a year of unexpected turns, ‘Lake Lazarillo’ is now launched as a series of dialogues, to be followed by its full programme in 2022. ⁠

Arranged as public forums, intimate exchanges, live interventions or simultaneous screenings between countries from the East and Wests, the 5-part series explores ideas surrounding proximity and distance. ⁠

LL21 is a confluence of ideas, a meeting point of opposites. Amidst the lingering anxieties of social distancing, it invites you to share, to listen, to empathise and to find solace in our differences.

The first two episodes of LL21 are public participatory forums created and led by Folkestone’s local residents, Maddy Howell & Sarah Hagues, who will invite you to enter into open-ended exchanges about art and those making decisions about our public spaces; and to raise questions about what is public and private, how we relate to our surroundings and to each other in times of uncertainty.⁠

The second part to LL21 uses live-art as an active process to create shared experiences that connect people, cultures and rituals from different corners of the world. Through gentle, fleeting and minimalist gestures, they aim to create memories and meanings that are both intimate and profound.⁠

Lake LazarIllo 2021 – The Programme


‘PublIc Art In Folkestone – What’s The PoInt?’ by Sarah Hagues

On Tuesday 26 October we will be recording two panel discussions about Public Art in Folkestone. We have invited a mixed panel of speakers and the evening’s conversations will be chaired by Sarah Hagues, with kind support from local radio Academy FM.⁠

From now until Sunday 24 October, we are asking you to put forward your questions and opinions to the panel, so that you can have your say. Sarah Hagues will discuss what the impact of public art is in Folkestone with eight artists who live and work here, and will ask what good it does to a seaside town. ⁠

Want to express your views? Please submit your questions by Sunday 24 October to:⁠⁠.


‘Sounds of Solace’ by Maddy Howell

Inspired by the intricate relationship between music and culture, with ‘Sounds Of Solace’ Maddy Howell invites the communities of Folkestone to share their musical stories of the last eighteen months. A time in which government mandated restrictions, periods of lockdown, and ongoing social distancing measures found the people of Folkestone confined to their own homes and isolated in a physical sense, ‘Sounds Of Solace’ is a contribution-based website that encourages Folkestone residents to share the memories, emotions and impact that one single song has had on their life throughout the global pandemic. ⁠

Capturing the ways in which songs can be used to amplify our anger, soften our hurt, or to escape the world entirely, the project serves as a time capsule for the connection that can be found in music, and the power that sound has to unite people of all walks of life in a uniquely universal way.⁠

Visit here to explore Folkestone’s musical stories, and click here to share your own story and be a part of the project.

Learn more about ‘Sounds Of Solace’ by listening to this episode of The Folkestone Podcast, hosted by Academy FM’s Kay Mcloughlin.


‘Scream’ by Mad For Real

Artists Cai Yuan and JJ work with local Ghurka communities to do a public performance in their latest project commission.


‘Greater Than The Sum of It’s Parts’ 

Conceived in collaboration with VSSL Studio, ‘Greater Than The Sum Of It’s Parts’ invites six artists/groups to enter into a dialogue around ideas of embodiment, intimacy, proximity, and distance. Through a series of letters, the artists will explore a chosen part of the body, adopting alternative perspectives to communicate meanings relevant to their individual practices. Participating artists include: Mischa Badasyan, Paulina Martínez, Hijack, Niya B, E.M. Parry, and Kelvin Atmadibrata.


‘Vase 花瓶’ by HIjack 

Hijack 打劫 is an independent artist collective initiated by Jing Xie and Qiong Zhang. Hijack is the action about to happen and might end at any time. It is the moment emergent and inevitable. ⁠

Thank you to Kent County Council, British Council and The Roger De Haan Charitable Trust for providing funding opportunities for this project. Look out for more updates on Part 1 of ‘Lake Lazarillo’ over the coming weeks!⁠

Graphics: Charlotte Chapman