our mIssIon: 

HOP Projects CT20 (C.I.C) is an independent, cross-disciplinary and experimental platform for the production, exchange and distribution of the visual arts, installation art, architecture, design and performance.

Established in September 2017, it is a non-profit organisation based in the heart of the Creative Quarter in Folkestone, UK.

It is committed to a unified vision of bringing together the visual arts with theatre, performance, spatial installations, sound and technology that prioritises the development of ideas above pre-defined genres or disciplines. It believes in the urgency in new modes of expressions and pioneering practices that can tear down the barriers between the audience and the ‘white walls’, making contemporary art relevant and far-reaching to a wider audience.

what we do & how: 

We deliver projects with professionalism and efficiency, and above all, an uncompromising commitment to artistic visions and the quality of output.

Through its core programme of projects, residencies and exchange, HOP Projects provides the space, atmosphere and support for national and international artists, who often work in between or at the fringes of their respective disciplines, to develop within a stimulating environment built upon trust, and outside the pressures of commercial forces.

It has the creative and co-operative agility to implement between larger institutions, individual artists and members of the public, working with partners in Folkestone, London, Chile and New York. It is an exchange network of resources, and each production brings together different areas of expertise in a close-knit collaboration.

Projects space:

The Projects space showcases an annual programme of exhibitions, screenings, workshops and public events that reflect its commitment to the nurturing of dialogue and collaboration with members of the public, fellow organisations, schools and universities, so and so forth, engaging the broadest possible audience. The space is open to the public for their individual projects. If you have a project in mind, please get in touch with us.


RESIDENCY & Exchange:

Our Residency and Exchange programme actively collaborates with different cultural agencies to provide the space and support for artists and practitioners to develop new projects and to experiment. Some will explore traditional ways of working and others seek to bend genres into new formats, communicating through form, materials and processes, and by ways of converting these findings into new narratives. During this process, HOP Projects will work closely with individual residents, who are also encouraged to tap into local creative resources, as well as other partners that may shed new light into the way they normally work.


Board of DIrectors

Tomas is an independent artist, curator and producer. In 2009 he founded the independent curatorial platform ARCANMELLOR. project whose main emphasis lay on promoting and commissioning work from emerging and mid-career artists. providing a platform where to develop and create work outside and without the pressures of being attached to a commercial gallery as well as presenting projects of both British and International artists, designers and architects through a collaborative exchange.

Tomas’s work has been exhibited in the U.K, Europe, the Middle East and China and has independently Curated exhibitions across the UK.

Nina is a researcher and designer poised at the edge of architecture and art. Her work prioritises the process, and her on-going research utilises material theory and the philosophy of technical objects to investigate process as an end in itself, shaped by cultural and social forces.

As an architect Nina runs her practice from London since 2014, with a portfolio of several experimental interior projects, a completed house renovation and extension, as well as an installation for RIBA as part of Regent Street Windows 2016. She has been an associate lecturer at Oxford Brookes University since 2013, teaching B.Arch and M.Arch courses.

An anthropologist and cognitive scientist by training, SAMUEL VEISSIÈRE is Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and co-director of the Culture, Mind, and Brain program at McGill University in Montreal, Canada. He specialises in social and cultural dimensions of cognition, attention, and mental health from evolutionary and ecological (niche construction) perspectives. His current research spans various topics from cultural factors in hypnosis, suggestion, and placebo therapeutics, hyper-sociality in smartphone addiction, variational (free-energy) approaches to the evolution of cognition and culture, and agent-based modelling of joint-intentionality and complex social processes. In 2018, Samuel joined HOP Projects CT20 as Director of Postdisciplinary Collaborative Projects.

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