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HOP Projects CT20 [HPCT20] is a forthright, open and diverse cultural platform that challenges existing paradigms in contemporary visual culture. Established in September 2017, it is a non-profit organisation based in the heart of the Creative Quarter in Folkestone, UK.

As a visual arts & cultural producer from the margins, HPCT20 is passionate about enabling a pluralistic and intuitive understanding of contemporary culture – transcending established disciplines and genres, responding to rapid social and cultural shifts, and incorporating the unexpected to create new perspectives.

Founded by architect Nina Shen-Poblete, and artist/curator Tomas Poblete, HPCT20 has a unified vision that mixes the visual arts with performance, architecture, and technology, to create an experimental platform focused on site-specific installations.  HPCT20 continues to evolve by searching out new modes of expression and pioneering practices that can remove barriers between audience and the artists, making contemporary art relevant and far-reaching.

HPCT20’s creative ambition & mission is delivered through its core programme of Projects, Residencies & Exchange, with the recent addition of HOP Press as its publishing arm. This infrastructure enables its dedicated team to nurture emerging talent and support individual artists – some maybe presenting their first major work in the UK, others at a pivotal point of their career, exploring new creative directions. HPCT20 initiates relationships between institutions and new and marginalised artists, and provides the space for all to take risks and test ideas within a stimulating environment.

The International Residencies & Exchange programme provides unique opportunities for creative practitioners to connect with new communities, and offers exciting opportunities to research and develop work in new contexts.

HOP Projects CT20 [HPCT20] es una plataforma cultural directa, abierta y diversa que desafía los paradigmas existentes en la cultura visual contemporánea. Establecida en septiembre de 2017, es una organización sin fines de lucro con sede en el corazón del Barrio Creativo en Folkestone, Reino Unido.

Como productora cultural y de artes visuales, a HPCT20 le apasiona poder desarrollar, desde los márgenes  una comprensión pluralista e intuitiva de la cultura contemporánea: trascender las disciplinas y géneros establecidos, responder a los rápidos cambios sociales y culturales e incorporar lo inesperado para crear nuevas perspectivas.

Fundada por la arquitecta Nina Shen-Poblete y el artista / curador Tomas Poblete, HPCT20 tiene una visión unificada que combina las artes visuales con Performance, la arquitectura y la tecnología, para crear una plataforma experimental centrada en instalaciones específicas del sitio. HPCT20 continúa evolucionando buscando nuevos modos de expresión y prácticas pioneras que puedan eliminar las barreras entre la audiencia y los artistas, haciendo que el arte contemporáneo sea relevante y de gran alcance.

La ambición y misión creativa de HPCT20 se entrega a través de su programa central de Proyectos, Residencias e Intercambio, con la reciente incorporación de HOP Press como su brazo editorial. Esta infraestructura permite a su equipo dedicado fomentar el talento emergente y apoyar a artistas individuales, algunos quizás presentando su primer trabajo importante en el Reino Unido, otros en un punto crucial de su carrera, explorando nuevas direcciones creativas. HPCT20 inicia relaciones entre instituciones y artistas nuevos y marginados, y proporciona el espacio para que todos tomen riesgos y prueben ideas dentro de un entorno estimulante.

El programa International Residencies & Exchange ofrece oportunidades únicas para que los profesionales creativos se conecten con nuevas comunidades y ofrece oportunidades emocionantes para investigar y desarrollar trabajo en nuevos contextos.

The Team - 

Multi-cultural accents & diverse perspectives from members of our team form the core identity of HOP Projects CT20.

Nina co-founded HPCT20 to create an alternative space that frees creative practitioners from the limitations of working in isolation of specialist disciplines.

Architect, curator, artist, and educator…it is difficult to categorise Nina’s practice and she traverses disciplinary boundaries to unlock hidden potential and motivate creativity. The ‘unknown’ and the ‘unexpected’ are critical parts of the process. Art is where one finds courage, and the force for progress. 

Born in China and growing up in the UK, Nina is part of a generation that experiences rapid economic, social and cultural transitions and technological compression. Her multicultural and bilingual education gave her the skills to navigate through complex situations and facilitated an openness and empathy with the ‘other’.

Trained as an architect, Nina taught alongside Prof. Andrew Holmes in a highly regarded and specialist M.Arch design unit at Oxford Brookes University before founding her own B.Arch studio with fellow lecturer Declan Molloy. Nina is also one of the founding members of the artistic collective S-T-O-R-E, which evolved to provide an alternative model of educational and social enterprises, featured in ‘Radical Pedagogies: Architectural Education and the British Tradition’ [Routledge].

At HOP, she uses her perceptiveness and experience to steer the team towards its long-term collective goals, building a cultural platform that embraces boundary-pushing and diverse voices.

Tomas is an artist and independent curator.

Tomas came to London in the late 90s from Chile to study sculpture – a journey which proved to be life-changing.  Moving to Scotland at the tip of a creative curve to further pursue an MFA in Glasgow, he began to try his hand at putting on exhibitions, first in a small derelict art space in the east end of Glasgow. Often working in part-time jobs in order to put on exhibitions independently, Tomas set up a curatorial duo called ArcanMellor with artist Leo Todd, and began producing highly respected exhibitions in Glasgow and London, working with artists such as Alexander James Pollard, Patrick Coutu, Luis Dourado, and Thomas Lelu.

Tomas has a curatorial vision and approach that juxtaposes high and low cultures, and brings his creative dynamism to the team at HPCT20.

In his own words, ‘we are on the edge of something that can be great and has promise to affect change in a sector often deemed exclusive. I would like to believe that what we are doing will to a small extent effect change in the way local communities perceive art.’

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David Thorp

David Hevey

Samuel Veissière

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| Advisor (part of Shape Transforming Leadership project)

| Non-Executive Director of Post-disciplinary Collaborative Projects

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