SHootING In the dark – 白日摸瞎

HIjack Present 白日摸瞎: REMOTE Residency

SeeIng Red

by Olivia Franklin - an essay reflecting on the window…

Post-colonIalIsm, NatIonalIsm, and the search for the femInIne Image: HIo Lam LeI

Conversation with ST20 artist, Hio Lam Lei tracing…

Sharon DanIel – ‘Contra Culture’ InternatIonal ArtIst ResIdency

International Artist Residencies 2020: 'Contra Culture'…

Surface TensIons 2020



2020 CuratorIal ResIdencIes: MargIns

Application Deadline: 04 Feb 2020

VenIce Agenda 19: ‘Contra-Culture’

Exhibition | December 2019 What is the Value of Art?