‘Lingering Cut’: A Wake-Up Call

Written by Maddy Howell - a reflection on the latest performance piece by the Ljubljana-born artist, Jaša and it’s power to communicate feelings of frustration and confusion in a fractured time.

“Can I ask your mum’s name?”: QueerIng Language Through Sound

In conversation with Glasgow-based artist Bobbi Cameron on her experience of producing the sound installation, ‘NINE’, the introspective creative process that it uncovered, and how it applies to her ongoing research on queermethodology and disorientation.

AgaInst Flatness

In conversation with artist Andrew Holmes - on his unique observations of ‘Americanness’, his long-term fascinations with the highways of the American West and the counter-cultures emerging from it...

Bend the Earth: AbsurdItIes of Everyday LIfe

Conversation with artistic duo, Hijack: on their experiences of making their latest performance work ‘Shooting in the Dark’, revealing personal perspectives on the new daily realities under COVID lockdown in China.

SeeIng Red

by Olivia Franklin - an essay reflecting on the window installation by the Macao-based artist, Hio Lam Lei and how it relates to her own personal perspectives during the COVID19 pandemic.

Post-colonIalIsm, NatIonalIsm, and the search for the femInIne Image: HIo Lam LeI

Conversation with ST20 artist, Hio Lam Lei tracing personal histories, language & heritage, exploring the porous nature of cultural identities, what it means to be Chinese and a woman today.